Good Friends Are A Luxury 好友難得



與難得的好朋友合作、運用智慧聲東擊西,在危機重重的叢林求生,果然團結力量大;而無私地冒險救夥伴,果然是「a luxury」(難能可貴)的朋友。

A crow, a turtle, and a rat were busy in their daily discussion near the river bank. Suddenly, they saw a frightened deer running towards the river. The crow flew to the treetop, the rat scurried into the nearby hole, and the turtle submerged himself in the river. From above, the crow could see clearly, he told his friends not to be afraid, "the deer was only thirsty" and there are no footmarks of any hunter.

But the turtle said, "Look! He is gasping, it appears, someone is after him. He didn't come here just for water." The Turtle asked the crow, "Please go to the tallest tree and try to see what is actually going on!"

After some time, they found the deer named Debra is quite friendly, Debra told them, "Friends, you guessed it right. I'm in danger, a hunter is coming after me. Please tell me where to hide from it?"

"If you are in danger, you should either fight or flight." These are useful words of a wise scholar. Now, it is time to relax because you have taken the flight," said the turtle.

The crow said, "No, do not go anywhere. Maybe the hunter has caught another animal. He is going back."

The crow continued, "Come out, guys, we are safe now. From today onwards, we are four best friends."

A few days later, Debra didn't come to meet her friends. All the other three started panicking. "She may be in danger," said the turtle to the crow, "Neither the rat nor I could move fast like you. Please search for Debra. We really like to know, what happened?"

Not too long after the crow flew in the air, he saw the deer was trapped in the net, who was in very critical condition. As Debra saw the crow, tears rolled down from her eyes right away. "I can feel the icy touch of death, I'm so happy that you came for me," she said.

The crow replied, "Don't lose hope, Debra, control yourself, we will help you." The crow hurried back to the rat for help. The rat reached the place and bit the net off with his sharp teeth. Their friend is saved again.

As they were standing and chatting together, the turtle came crawling slowly.

The crow asked the turtle, "Why did you come here? If the hunter comes here, how will you save yourself?"

Before the turtle could answer, the hunter appeared.

The rat, Debra, and the crow rushed inside the deep jungle. The hunter was very angry to see the empty net, he became. He immediately grasped the poor turtle and covered him with the torn net strings.

The crow saw the whole thing from the tree. He called his friends and told them what he was preparing to do. Therefore, both deer and rat started following the hunter quietly.

According to the genius plan, the deer laid down near the river banks, acting as if she was seriously injured. When the hunter saw the motionless deer, he put down the turtle on the ground. In the meanwhile, Debra jumped up and ran into the dense forest, and the rat instantly bit off the net strings, again. The turtle quietly sank into the river and all these friends are saved.





「如果遇到危險,應該向前抵抗或向後逃跑。」這些字句是明智的學者說過實用的話。 現在該放鬆一下了,因為妳已經決定『向後逃跑』了。烏龜說



過了幾天,黛博拉沒出來會見朋友。 其他三個朋友開始驚慌失措,烏鴉對烏鴉說:「牠可能有危險了,老鼠跟我都無法像你一樣快速移動,請找找黛博拉。我們真的很想知道,發生了什麼事?」







烏鴉從樹上看到了整個過程,牠呼喚牠的朋友,告知牠們,自己打算要怎麼做。 於是,鹿和老鼠一起開始悄悄地跟著獵人。


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